Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Retraining An Idiot

Ever since Roo was little, she's been a little on the... hefty side.

When she was four months she was 18 pounds and since that doctor's visit, I've been freaked out in the back of my head. Silently I've been worrying about her being an overweight baby.

Every doctor's visit since that four month check up I've been hounding the poor man about her weight. And at every visit, he has reassured me that she's perfectly healthy.

Until her check up today.

He said she needs to lose her belly.

That soft squishy belly I love to kiss, it's got to go.

He said that if she says she is hungry to feed her water and salad.

And I'm in shock.

Of course, I knew her belly wasn't the best thing for her to be carting around. But most babies have bellies and I just was reassuring myself this was normal.

And it's not like I was filling her up with mac and cheese and chicken nuggets three times a day. Once a week, sure... but not everyday.

And yes, like every kid she does have the occasion treat... so I didn't think I was being a bad parent.

Now I feel like a horrible parent.

I feel like everything I've cooked has been poison.

To stop the cycle I've got to retrain myself. I need to learn to cook healthier, make better choices for my daughter(s).

And while I really have no clue where to start, all I can say is thank god for Google!


Ashley said...

Water and salad, really? Yeah, I can see that going over REALLY well. I've heard to water down their drinks as to reduce the calories and stuff. I'm sorta lucky that my son loves water and not much else.

Now, salad. Really? Let me know how that works out for a toddler. Ha.

Sassypants Wifey said...

Man, that is rough I am sorry! Good thing kids are resiliant and Mommas are so awesome. Lots of luck to ya.

Erika said...

Whatever. My doctor told me once that Shey needed to lose 3 pounds. Seriously?! 3 pounds. He still has a little belly. Peyton has since grown out of his and now he's flat as a board. As long as they are playing outside, which I know Roo is (well, when it's not freezing) and eating junk all the time, I wouldn't stress. She's three, not 10, or even 6.

Erika said...

And I didn't mean whatever to you, I meant it to your doctor. That's just so frustrating.

Miss Anne said...

Dont be so hard on yourself. I think society needs to eat healthier. Kudos to you for at least bringing it up to your dr to discuss.

I hope you find some delicious/healthy meals that your daughter and you can enjoy.

Christina said...

You are doing good and not an idiot. All parents (especially ones with more than 1 kid) have to look for wha's convenient. I wouldn't try just salads and water. Like Ashley said water down juice and add veggies with her meals. It might be easier for Roo then just salads. For chicken nuggets try baking them at home instead of eating the fried versions at restaurants. the Tyson ones taste better anyways. We even switched to whole grain mac-n-cheese. I am always here if you have Q's, after 3 kids I am starting to feel like a pro.