Friday, January 22, 2010

Review: Mommy Measure

Normally women don’t encourage belly growth of any kind. Of course, when you first find out you are pregnant you wait and wait and wait for the first signs of a belly to appear. I remember when I was pregnant with Roo I would spend hours in the mirror checking for the slightest sign of a curve. With Turtle’s pregnancy my belly popped out immediately.

With both pregnancies I adored (and am still adoring) my belly. It’s such a sign of being a woman.

And of course as your belly grows, people starts asking how big around you are.

Enter the Mommy Measure.

Cute measuring tapes where you can record your size as you grow… and grow!

It’s the perfect keepsake for your pregnancy, plus it’s received the Seal of Approval from the New Parent’s Guide and the Baby Planners.

From their website: The Mommy Measure creates a unique timeline of your pregnancy journey and allows you to compare measurements and experiences of previous or future pregnancies. The Mommy Measure can also be used to track your baby's first year of growth. Simply lay the Mommy Measure™ alongside your baby on a flat surface and mark their length and write special milestones

I love the Mommy Measure and was really pleased with the overall look and performance of it. It’s so simple; no one can screw it up! Plus it comes with a sharpie you can clip to the tape so you don’t have to waste time trying to find a pen to write on it with.

This post was done as a part of the Happy and Healthy Mom Product Review Team. Please see my full disclosure for more information.

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Lx said...

I totally agree... a pregnant belly is beautifully womanly :) Yours is gorgeous!