Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear Roo: 34 Months

Boy, oh boy, have we been busy this past month.

Too busy in my opinion.

Shouldn't we be sitting around like bumps on a log not rushing here, there and everywhere like crazy people?


This past month we took a trip to Grandma's, there Christmas, the freezing temperatures in your Native State and toys... oh, tons and tons of toys!

I've officially come to the conclusion that there's not another child in the world that has the amount of toys you do. So much so that I am putting my foot down and not purchasing you a single toy until your birthday (Your Daddy laughs at this).

You've also started to become a little difficult, meaning that if I tell you no your lower lips pouts out and the tears well up. I'm not a huge fan of this display because you've always been such an easy child and now all of a sudden, you've decided to test me.

Of course I stand strong because I am the adult and you are the child. This means I know what's best. I know you don't like it, but you might want to get use to it because I'm always going to be your Mom and I will probably always tell you what I think.

Don't worry, I still get it from Grandma. It's just something you live with as a daughter. :)

But you know what, you're still adorable. You still melt my heart with the things you do. Of course this is another thing that will never fail me.

In the next month big changes are coming to our household and hopefully you'll be as wonderful of a sister as I know you can be. I'm sure you will be kind to your new little sister, share your toys with her and help Mommy and Daddy out as much as you can.

I know you can do it. I have 100% faith in you.

I love you,



Yaya said...

I'm sure she'll be a great big sis!

Erika said...

My boys suffered much more from the terrible 3s rather than the terrible 2s. I think the difference is that as they near three they are definitely more aware of their actions, whereas at 2, they were still babies. The great thing is, you can reason with them some.