Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes, more exhaustion.

Oh Lord, whatta day I've had.

It all started because on Saturday I got a letter in the mail from our insurance company saying they needed an interview with us by the 31st or our benefits were going to be cancelled.

With such little time to screw around, I got up at 8:00am and called them first thing. I waited a patient 53 minutes before I was hung up on.

Cursing a blue streak, I quickly called them back... only to wait 58 more minutes before I could hear a human's voice and then was promptly hung up on AGAIN.

Now, a beautiful side effect of being pregnant is your emotions are all over the place, so as soon as this happened I burst into tears.

Roo was kind enough to pat my face and ask me what was wrong.

So I dried my tears and called them back again. Thirty minutes into my hold, my cordless phone starts beeping at me... and dies.

At this point I am exhausted and wishing I could call and complain to somebody about this lovely customer service I was receiving... or not receiving.

I charged the phone (I think we're the only fools in America that don't own a cordless phone) and started calling them at five minute intervals. I was so frustrated (and determined) because at 4:00pm their lines shut down and if you don't get in on time, they'll cut your benefits off no questions asked.

So finally (!!!), I get through to someone, an actual human being that doesn't hang up on. And to be honest, the damn phone call was only to verify all our information and to tell me that I needed to send in some verification letters and whatnot, the same thing the letter that they sent me over the weekend said.

So I wasted 3 1/2 hours on the phone for a two minute phone call that did nothing but tell me what I already knew.

I swear...

Needless to say, spending so long on the phone wiped me out for the entire day and exhausted my mental state to the point where I can only answer yes and no questions. Pretty sad, huh?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Total Opposites

I know that no two pregnancies are alike.

I know this.

I've read enough blogs and stories to discover that what I'm going through is not out of the ordinary.

But still, I can complain right? Especially because this is my blog.

But I'm blown away about how different this pregnancy is from my pregnancy with Roo.

With Roo, I didn't have any nausea except the rare swings that made me feel like I was going to throw up and never did. Note that I say rare because with the turtle (as known as Baby #2) I was nauseous that entire first 13 weeks. The kind of nauseous that doesn't allow you to eat anything more than buttered toast and plain crackers. The kind of nausea that never results in throwing up, just makes you feel like crap all day long.

The kind that only allows you to gain only two pounds, whereas with Roo, I gained an undetermined amount of weight from the gallory of being pregnant and I could finally (!!!!) eat for two.

(Note: the undetermined amount of weight will never be revealed, ever, so don't ask :) ).

With Roo, as soon as I hit the second trimester I was a bundle of energy. It was like one day I was exhausted and couldn't drag my butt off the couch and away from Sex and the City reruns and the next, I was hiking up and down mountains (literally) and visiting every tourist attraction on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

With turtle, I'm still exhausted. Exhausted to the point where it take the wind out of me just to walk to the garden. Sure, occasionally I can hit the mall, Target and the grocery store in one swoop but I'll pay for it and be unable to hoist myself out of bed all through nap time.

I have a lot of tummy tightening with turtle and crazy, crazy dreams that wake me in the middle of the night and make me scratch my head and consider waking Mr. Me up for confirmation that I'm not psycho.

But the end result is the same... a baby.

And while the second pregnancy is nothing like the first, I know that this baby will be unique. Nothing like Roo and I'm excited about it, ready for it. I'm ready for a baby that maybe, just maybe is something like me.... maybe.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Belated Blog-Anniversary

Two days ago, Not Your Typical Mommy hit the grand ole' age of one.

And I forgot about it.

Amongst the severe exhaustion, dealing with school issues, nap complications, one too many Fresh Beat Band songs and too much Spongebob, I completely forgot my blog was turning one.

There was no cake, no giveaways, no nothing.

How ashamed am I?

Since I'm all out of ingridents to whip up something nice, I give you a picture of a cake and a pat on the back.

Thank you for being a reader.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Review: SuperZ

I’m not big on “kid music.”

I’d rather my daughter jam out to Bob Marley or dance along to the Beatles. I’m not sure why I’m not too thrilled about kid music, maybe b/c it gets stuck in my head and all day long I’m singing along to the tune, driving myself insane slowly but surely.

But I’m open to anything so when I was approached to check out the kids group, SuperZ, I thought why not?

We popped the cd in on a drive and while the songs were catchy, the recording was not the best quality. Honestly, it sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom and took away from my listening experience, but my daughter did not seem to mind.

You can check out their website and listen to the music for yourself here.


Back when Roo was 17 months old, she smacked me around.

Who knows why, maybe I didn't bake the cookies fast enough or I was too slow to give her the boob.

But this morning, she did it again.

My two and a half year old gave me a black eye.

And I know the true reason this time.... she was just so damn happy to see me this morning, she crawled out of her bed into mine and promptly landed her chin smack-dab in the middle of my right eye and pushed down all 33 pounds of her into it.

And I'm swollen... and a little tearful.

How embarrassing, right?

I mean, how to do I explain my black eye to the Moms at the playground? Should I make up some crazy store about how I fought off a crazed lady at Target for the last pack of clearance diapers? Or should I say I was wrestling an alligator and while I look bad, he looks worse?

Or maybe I should just tell the truth and say my daughter loves me so damn much she causes bodily harm?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Witching Hour

The past 13 weeks my sleep has been disrupted.

Every morning at 6am, I'm awaken. Normally, it's Roo needing something, a binky, a sippy, her blanket, whatever. So I pop up out of bed, give her whatever she needs and then collapse back into bed, snuggle in and wait.

Yes, wait.

It seems 6am is to be my wake up call for the rest of my life!

I toss and turn and struggle to get some more shut eye, especially since Roo can snooze until 9am on some days.

But it never works.

My mind starts churning and I start writing blogs in my head or I start thinking about a fight I had with someone months ago. I can reply scenes in my head, I can write my grocery list... the one thing I can't do is go back to sleep.

And the whole time I'm thinking that I need my sleep. I'm thinking that come spring next year my life will be a mess and I'll be begging to sleep.

So why can't I have it now? I mean, I have a child that sleeps through the night. I don't have a job to get up for, I don't even have an alarm clock set... but it seems my mind does.


Maybe if I went to bed around midnight instead of 930pm, I could sleep longer?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review: Lavera

What girl doesn't love makeup?

I know I do, so when I was presented with the offer of testing two of Lavera's organic makeup line, I agreed quickly.

Besides, what Mom really has time to drop everything and go buy new mascara when she needs it?

I received Lavera's Volume Mascara in and a tube of their Organic Mineral Lip Gloss. Mascara is huge to me, I love it and normally only wear that and chap stick in a daily makeup routine.

From their website: "Lavera Volume Mascara with Advanced Shaping Brush adds lasting volume & length to lashes for beautiful, bright eyes! Nourishing extracts of Organic Jojoba & Wild Rose Oils deeply hydrate allowing flake-free volume throughout the whole day. This pure, paraben-free and heavy-metal-free formula rinses off with a mild cleanser and is ideal even for very sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Your personal assistant for tired looking eyes. "

And their lip gloss: "Lavera Organic Mineral Lip Gloss offers the wholesome purity & glow of organic extracts. Emollient and non-sticky oils of Vitamin E & Jojoba are repairing moisturizers. Crushed Natural Minerals add shimmer & an anti-aging Sun protection. Natural Berry aromas make this pure & luscious lip treatment a must have in your cosmetic bag."

Now when I tested out the mascara, I have to be honest, I wasn't really impressed. It didn't do for my lashes that others have done. But I didn't give up and the next day tried two coats to see if following directions would help, it didn't. But when I tried three, I was satisfied with the results.

And the lip gloss wasn't a big hit with me simply because of the color. Transparent with glitter isn't exactly the statement I want to make as a Mom, but besides the glitter it coated really well and stayed on for long periods of time, even through numerous drinks. I'm sure if I had a color that I loved, say pink, I'd be singing it's praises higher.

But overall, I liked what I got and I'll continue to use them. If you're interested in organic makeup, I highly recommend Lavera because they have tons. You can purchase products directly from their website or search for a store that sells locally.

Thank you to MomFuse for this review opportunity.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love At First Sight

The moment I laid eyes on you... I was hooked.

Sorry about the picture quality. It's a picture of a picture. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

29 Months

Dear Roo,

You've hit the halfway point between two and three. I imagine I should stop calling you a baby and maybe make the leap to... *gulp* toddler?

You are after all in a toddler bed, wearing toddler sized clothes, wearing Pull Ups and attempting to potty train.

My big girl.

Speaking of your toddler bed, you are still loving it. Ever since we brought it home and you helped me put it together you've slept in it. Every nap, every night-night you crawl into it, gather all of your animals and all the essentials and go to sleep like the big girl you are. You love to tell Daddy and I that it's "MY bed" if we even attempt to crawl into it.

You've taken a loving to these old Disney animals your Auntie April brought you. You insist we cart them everywhere we go and if we misplace even one, there's hell to pay.

The weather outside is blistering hot and unless water is involved, we tend to stay inside during peak hours. We color on your easel a lot, watch way too much T.V. and loaf around. In the early morning when it's not too bad, we try to make it to a local park or help Daddy in the garden.

We both caught colds this month and had to deal with snot constantly rolling towards our upper lips, but we've recovered nicely and found a new appreciation for pulpy orange juice.

Next month should bring us cooler weather and tons of outdoor activities. I'm building up the supply of sidewalk chalk and outdoor toys to entertain us. I picture lots of picnics and ants in our future.

I love you,


Friday, August 14, 2009

For the Love of a Body Pillow

Yes, pregnancy is a glowing time of beauty and growing life. There are all these fantastic things that are happening that changes your entire life, but there's another side to pregnancy.

The uncomfortable side.

The side that no one tells you about in magazines or in those thousand page what to expect books.

The acne, the bloating, the super-odd cravings, the swelling of body parts and the aches and pains that come with growing a baby.

One of the worst side effects of pregnancy for me is lack of sleep.

Even at three months, I get so uncomfortable in bed that I roll around like a beached whale praying to find one spot that provides relief.

I imagine it's quite a sight to see, me budging inch by inch until I groan with satisfaction that I found it.

And of course, it's best for preggos to sleep on their sides. Something about the baby cutting off an important vein... or something along that lines and while it's not super-important until you resemble a whale, I try not to lay on my back simply because while pregnant I snore (an attractive quality to my mate, I'm sure).

While pregnant with Roo, I was attached to a body pillow whenever in bed. So I broke down and went to purchase one of those hideously huge pillows to wrap my ballooning body around in hopes it would find me some decent sleep.

And boy, has it answered my prayers.

There are actually nights where I get four straight hours of sleep!

It's like a miracle.

I literally just tuck into my body pillow and blissfully drift off to sleep... of course, that is until my bladder starts reminding me I'm pregnant, or Roo loses her binky, taggie blanket or one of the thousand tiny plastic animals she insists on sleeping with.

And while I'm still experiencing all those other fantastic side effects, I'm growing life and thanks to my body pillow, it's not as bad as it could be.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Baby #2: Your Sister

Dear Turtle,

I wanted to write to you and let you know about your big sister, Roo. I thought if I could share somethings with you, you'd be prepared for the bright shining star that she is.

Your sister is an amazing little girl. She's very thoughtful, full of life and giggles as much as possible.

She loves to play in her kiddie pool. Especially when we put bubbles in it.

She loves the beach and building sandcastle.

Her favorite cartoons are Wubbzy, Spongebob and the Wonder Pets. She loves it when I draw circles with her sidewalk chalk and loves all kinds of animals.

She's not a big fan of monsters and occasionally has Daddy search under her bed to make sure there are none there.

I have no doubt she will stick up for you at the playground, give you lots of love and maybe, just maybe share her Playdoh with you.

I can't wait for you to meet her.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adventure Awaits.

Every morning this week, we've set out for adventure.

We've loaded up the family into the car and just taken a drive. Both Mr. Me and I have been feeling this restlessness, this need to get out and explore... of course, being broke doesn't allow for grand adventures. But with the right frame of mind, we still find adventure.

Granted, we don't leave the comfort of our own tiny county, but we still find our adventure.

Two days ago we hunted alligators at a local park and discovered a butterfly forest.

Yesterday we found a charming park where Roo commandeered the swing for a solid thirty minutes and discovered a squishy penguin she can't live without.

Today, who knows what awaits us.

All I know is that we're together, creating memories that are solely our own. There's no playgroups, no plans, no nothing. It's just us having fun.

And I couldn't be happier.

Review: Sid the Science Kid

Growing up, PBS was a big part of my life. With their cartoons being both educational and fun, I knew from the get-go that I wanted PBS to be a part of my own children's lives.

One of our favorite shows is Sid the Science Kid, so when I was asked to review two new Sid DVDs, I responded immediately.
I was sent the Bug Club and Change Happens DVDs along with a PBS kids show shown on Sprout (which sadly, doesn't come in on our satellite): dive Olly dive.

Created by Jim Hansen, Sid the Science Kid is a cute, quirky kid that has a lot of questions to ask. In the Bug Club, Sid questions dogs barking, why dirt is dirty and more. With 115 minutes of fun (plus bonus features), the Bug Club is a great educational treat.

In Change Happens, Sid continues his questions and wonders why things change. Together with his friends, Sid questions and learns about time, temperature and the perfect pancake. All the catchy songs and dances will have your kids up on their feet, and you singing along as well.

In dive Olly dive, you meet Olly the Submarine and all of his friends. In Ship Shape Sub, Olly and his friends explore a haunted ship wreck and in other episodes included on the DVD, they learn important lessons such as not to judge a book by its cover and that good things can come in small packages.

All three DVDs are packed full of fun facts and important lessons for kids to learn. With any of these shows you can be guilt free when you pop them in for a few minutes to yourself or to escape the rainy day blues.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Summer Curse

It happens to me every summer, without fail. I'll be enjoying the outdoors, splashing in the pool, chasing butterflies with Roo, playing in the mud with Mr... and then: BAM.

It hits me and takes me down for the count.

Every hot, steamy delicious summer I am ridden with a nasty cold.

You know, the kind that normally make their appearance (on most) in the blistery cold months of winter.

The snotty nose, the sore and scratchy throat, the hammerhead pressure, the loss of appetite, the deadness that settles over your body and makes walking near-to impossible.

Yup, that's me right now.

In all my splendid glory.

And I'm quite miserable.

With myself being pregnant it'll take twice as long for me to recover. All I can do now is fortify myself with vitamin c, cough drops and make sure that tissues are always, always within reach.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

There's something about Sundays to me.

To me they imply a laziness that brings a smile to my face.

Sundays are about sleeping in, making pancakes and watching episode after episode of Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse.

I love that no one has to work on Sundays and there are no expectations.

Sundays are free of play dates, errand running and focus on being with family.

There's also yummy home cooked meals that take hours to prepare.

Sundays are the best day of the week in this household.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Joy of PJ's

Earlier today I was grumbling to a friend that I was in a bad mood and that my bad mood was effecting my writing abilities. Basically meaning I was pissy and couldn't think of anything quirky to write about.

Her suggestion to me was to write about the joy of being able to lounge around in my pj's until noon, which I tend to do daily.

It was a fabulous suggestion because it made me stop and realize how lucky I am.

I imagine a lot of Moms (and Dads) would kill to be able to lounge around in the pj's, watching cartoons and doing nothing more than retrieving a binky or sippy cup.

Of course, I started feeling a little guilty about my bad mood and slowly it slipped away as I watched my nugget run around in circles tossing toys every which way.

I am lucky to be home with her.

I am lucky enough to get to watch her grow.

I am lucky enough to wear my pj's until noon if I want to.

I am lucky.

And therefore, I am happy.

Thank you, Angela.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What in the world is going on?

I'm pretty sure you've noticed the "turmoil" going on in the blogging world regarding reviews. And as you know, I do reviews and upon all this reading I've been doing, I've started questioning the whole reviewing process.

I have to admit it, I like it. I like doing reviews.

But does this make my blog... scripted? Unreal? Fake?

I started this blog as a way to document the craziness that is my life. I wanted to tell stories about how cute my kid is and how my I love my husband and I'm wondering if me putting in reviews kills the mood.

I'm tossing around the idea of starting up a review only blog, so if readers want to know my two-cents they can find it and if some readers could care less what I think about water bottles, can avoid it.

Tell me what you think, do the reviews bother you? Would you like to read more? Or would you prefer if I stick to stories about wonderfully talented my two year old is?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Roo: Please?

I know you think you're cute (and you are).

I know that you think you're funny (and you are).

I know you love Mommy's new set of keys with the funny remote attached to it.

And I know you hid them.

And only you know where they are.

I've searched high and low, through endless toy boxes, under beds, tables and entertainment consoles. I've looked and looked and know you've looked on and only laughed at my efforts.

I know you think this is a funny game, and in a way it is, but when we can't start the car to go swimming or to play at the park with friend, it isn't exactly as thrilling as you'd think.

Is there anyway I can convince you to find the keys for me? Is there anyway I can bribe you? Pop Tarts? A Power Wheel? Anything?

And do you think we can get this game over with by noon? I have a meeting I can't miss!




Review: Hot on the Range

Horses are an everyday part of our lives.

Anywhere you step on our property, you've got horses all around.

So when author R.D. Jentsch asked me if I would like to review her book, Hot on the Range, a story about Chester the horse, I immediately said: Yes!

Hot on the Range is a charming tale about Chester who is just out on a hot Texas day looking for relief from the sun.

Author R.D. Jentsch, inspired by her own horses, wrote Hot on the Range focusing on teaching young readers values and how if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. From her press release: "R.D. Jentsch is committed to writing quality children's tales to ensure children have a resource to guide them toward the kinder, gentler side of horsemanship."

Hot on the Range is beautifully illustrated by David C. Bryant, making each page is a visual treat child are bound to love. Roo loved this book, especially all the guest appearances by other animals from the farm.

You can purchase this charming tale online through the Hot on the Range website.