Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Potty Training Isn't Fun

As you know, Roo protested the whole potty training thing when we seriously attempted it. And while, yes, I was frustrated seeing as I really wanted a potty trained toddler as soon as possible... Yet, it wasn't in the cards.

So I gave up.

Yes, I gave up.

I ignored the potty, continued to buy Pull Ups and went about life as we normally would. Occasionally I would ask Roo if she had to potty or wanted to wear her big girl undies, but that would unleash a wave of protest complete with tears and a very, very unhappy Mommy.

Then last week I decided that after my family came down to visit for my birthday in October we'd give it another go. Hopefully this time it works... or else we'll be spending all winter trying.

It's my goal to have one child out of diapers before I bring another one into this world.

Of course, when I make statements like that the universe will rally against me and Roo will refuse to be potty trained until she's four or ten.



Karen S. said...

Have a look at this product at We used it to potty train our son and it really worked. Good Luck!!

Christina said...

Good job. She will come around. Maybe having the boys around her that weekend will help give her the idea.

Meredith said...

Girl just go for it! You gotta cold turkey it! Put the potty in the living room, flush her with liquids and special treats and keep the tv off for one day. You guys CAN do it!