Monday, September 14, 2009

Joys of Pregnancy: They Never Told Me That!

Pregnancy is weird.

Plain and simple.

Put aside the glowing fact that you are growing life and really take a look at it... a humorous look, if you dare.

Like, did you know that your nose grows with pregnancy? Yeah, my cute button nose that I loved so much, gone. My athletic calves that helped me run miles? Yup, they are now cows, not calves.

No one ever mentions these lovely facts in baby books.

Or what about the smell aversion? I can't stand the smell of food cooking, especially pork chops. I can pick up on the slightest smell of chemicals and hunt down chocolate better than my hound dog.

Then there's the dizziness that plagues you when you stand up too fast (or in my care, whenever you stand up). The constant laziness or the tears that come at a drop of a hat.

I'm sure if they put all these warnings in those baby books... we'd still do it. We'd still get knocked up and bring beautiful babies into the world because even when they are screaming their tiny little heads off, it's worth it all.

Don't you think?


Erika said...

I loved the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. I'm pretty sure they did tell you all that stuff. I remember laughing until I cried while reading it.

Lx said...

I think it is a conspiracy.. it's amazing how much THEY (who ever they are) don't tell you about pregnancy! I read "Up the Duff" by Kaz Cooke, which was hilarious and scared the crap out of me too, but it was all a bit too late... I wouldn't have changed a thing and I would do it all again :)