Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Roo: 30 Months

I have to confess, I cannot go a day without staring at you in disbelief. Disbelief simply because you are the most amazing child, ever. Maybe it's creepy, maybe it's a tad on the odd side but I can't get over you.

When you were days old and Mommy's hormones where still all over the place, I would look at you and cry and tell anyone who would listen that I was so in love with you, so happy and proud to be your Mom... and honestly, I still do it. Strangers on the street agree with me that you are gorgeous, gray-haired grannys smile and exclaim at you when you pass them by.

I will also tell you I'm a bit concerned that when the Turtle makes his/her appearance if they will be able to uphold the high standards you've placed in this family.

Speaking of Turtle, you have finally acknowledged that Mommy has a baby growing in her belly and she melts when you kiss the baby belly. You are going to be such an amazing big sister. You can teach him/her to dig holes in the riding ring, search for lizards and how to give all your favorite horses kisses.

I'm sure you will also encourage the Turtle to love Disney movies as much as you do and how to make Mommy and Daddy bend to your will.

Together you will be unstoppable, I just know it... and poor Mommy and Daddy will never stand a chance.

I love you Roo.


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Allyson said...

This is precious. :)