Monday, August 31, 2009

Yes, more exhaustion.

Oh Lord, whatta day I've had.

It all started because on Saturday I got a letter in the mail from our insurance company saying they needed an interview with us by the 31st or our benefits were going to be cancelled.

With such little time to screw around, I got up at 8:00am and called them first thing. I waited a patient 53 minutes before I was hung up on.

Cursing a blue streak, I quickly called them back... only to wait 58 more minutes before I could hear a human's voice and then was promptly hung up on AGAIN.

Now, a beautiful side effect of being pregnant is your emotions are all over the place, so as soon as this happened I burst into tears.

Roo was kind enough to pat my face and ask me what was wrong.

So I dried my tears and called them back again. Thirty minutes into my hold, my cordless phone starts beeping at me... and dies.

At this point I am exhausted and wishing I could call and complain to somebody about this lovely customer service I was receiving... or not receiving.

I charged the phone (I think we're the only fools in America that don't own a cordless phone) and started calling them at five minute intervals. I was so frustrated (and determined) because at 4:00pm their lines shut down and if you don't get in on time, they'll cut your benefits off no questions asked.

So finally (!!!), I get through to someone, an actual human being that doesn't hang up on. And to be honest, the damn phone call was only to verify all our information and to tell me that I needed to send in some verification letters and whatnot, the same thing the letter that they sent me over the weekend said.

So I wasted 3 1/2 hours on the phone for a two minute phone call that did nothing but tell me what I already knew.

I swear...

Needless to say, spending so long on the phone wiped me out for the entire day and exhausted my mental state to the point where I can only answer yes and no questions. Pretty sad, huh?


Wendy said...

Gotta love good old insurance companies!!

Allyson said...

Geeeeez. they really suck. sorry you had to go through that! what a waste of your time. :(