Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Witching Hour

The past 13 weeks my sleep has been disrupted.

Every morning at 6am, I'm awaken. Normally, it's Roo needing something, a binky, a sippy, her blanket, whatever. So I pop up out of bed, give her whatever she needs and then collapse back into bed, snuggle in and wait.

Yes, wait.

It seems 6am is to be my wake up call for the rest of my life!

I toss and turn and struggle to get some more shut eye, especially since Roo can snooze until 9am on some days.

But it never works.

My mind starts churning and I start writing blogs in my head or I start thinking about a fight I had with someone months ago. I can reply scenes in my head, I can write my grocery list... the one thing I can't do is go back to sleep.

And the whole time I'm thinking that I need my sleep. I'm thinking that come spring next year my life will be a mess and I'll be begging to sleep.

So why can't I have it now? I mean, I have a child that sleeps through the night. I don't have a job to get up for, I don't even have an alarm clock set... but it seems my mind does.


Maybe if I went to bed around midnight instead of 930pm, I could sleep longer?



Rachel said...

I feel you here. What is with the kiddos internal 6am alarm clocks? You'd think they were mini farmers or soemthing....

Rebecca said...

Don't you hate that???? We had no kids in our house at all last night (that RARE with 4 kids) and I still woke up at 6:30! I did force myself back to sleep until 8 though!

Erika said...

Try counting backwards from 100 with a deep breath in between. I do that when I can't keep my mind from racing.