Sunday, August 30, 2009

Total Opposites

I know that no two pregnancies are alike.

I know this.

I've read enough blogs and stories to discover that what I'm going through is not out of the ordinary.

But still, I can complain right? Especially because this is my blog.

But I'm blown away about how different this pregnancy is from my pregnancy with Roo.

With Roo, I didn't have any nausea except the rare swings that made me feel like I was going to throw up and never did. Note that I say rare because with the turtle (as known as Baby #2) I was nauseous that entire first 13 weeks. The kind of nauseous that doesn't allow you to eat anything more than buttered toast and plain crackers. The kind of nausea that never results in throwing up, just makes you feel like crap all day long.

The kind that only allows you to gain only two pounds, whereas with Roo, I gained an undetermined amount of weight from the gallory of being pregnant and I could finally (!!!!) eat for two.

(Note: the undetermined amount of weight will never be revealed, ever, so don't ask :) ).

With Roo, as soon as I hit the second trimester I was a bundle of energy. It was like one day I was exhausted and couldn't drag my butt off the couch and away from Sex and the City reruns and the next, I was hiking up and down mountains (literally) and visiting every tourist attraction on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

With turtle, I'm still exhausted. Exhausted to the point where it take the wind out of me just to walk to the garden. Sure, occasionally I can hit the mall, Target and the grocery store in one swoop but I'll pay for it and be unable to hoist myself out of bed all through nap time.

I have a lot of tummy tightening with turtle and crazy, crazy dreams that wake me in the middle of the night and make me scratch my head and consider waking Mr. Me up for confirmation that I'm not psycho.

But the end result is the same... a baby.

And while the second pregnancy is nothing like the first, I know that this baby will be unique. Nothing like Roo and I'm excited about it, ready for it. I'm ready for a baby that maybe, just maybe is something like me.... maybe.



Allyson said...

Hi! Happy Monday!

I just gave you an award :)

Anonymous said...

The first time around you didn't have a toddler to take care of and that's why you are so exhausted. You don't get to sit, rest, sleep, eat, etc when your body tells you. You have a toddler. Wait until you have a toddler and a baby! Then you'll know true exhaustion.