Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Belated Blog-Anniversary

Two days ago, Not Your Typical Mommy hit the grand ole' age of one.

And I forgot about it.

Amongst the severe exhaustion, dealing with school issues, nap complications, one too many Fresh Beat Band songs and too much Spongebob, I completely forgot my blog was turning one.

There was no cake, no giveaways, no nothing.

How ashamed am I?

Since I'm all out of ingridents to whip up something nice, I give you a picture of a cake and a pat on the back.

Thank you for being a reader.


Wendy said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Allyson said...

Happy Blogiversary! So glad I found your blog. You rock!

Organic Meatbag said...

Happy blog birthday! I turn one in october, and I am still working on my potty training...hehehehe...