Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Roo: Please?

I know you think you're cute (and you are).

I know that you think you're funny (and you are).

I know you love Mommy's new set of keys with the funny remote attached to it.

And I know you hid them.

And only you know where they are.

I've searched high and low, through endless toy boxes, under beds, tables and entertainment consoles. I've looked and looked and know you've looked on and only laughed at my efforts.

I know you think this is a funny game, and in a way it is, but when we can't start the car to go swimming or to play at the park with friend, it isn't exactly as thrilling as you'd think.

Is there anyway I can convince you to find the keys for me? Is there anyway I can bribe you? Pop Tarts? A Power Wheel? Anything?

And do you think we can get this game over with by noon? I have a meeting I can't miss!





Rebecca said...

OH NO!!! Hope you find them soon! I bet bribery will work!

Miss Anne said...

check in drawers!

*(hope the bribery works!)*

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

Oh I have played this game 1 , 2 may 10 times. Who won ?

SuZ said...

I'm happy to report: I FOUND THEM!

They were hidden at the bottom of the closet in a pile of toys and clothes.

That'll teach me to not clean my closet. :)