Monday, August 17, 2009

29 Months

Dear Roo,

You've hit the halfway point between two and three. I imagine I should stop calling you a baby and maybe make the leap to... *gulp* toddler?

You are after all in a toddler bed, wearing toddler sized clothes, wearing Pull Ups and attempting to potty train.

My big girl.

Speaking of your toddler bed, you are still loving it. Ever since we brought it home and you helped me put it together you've slept in it. Every nap, every night-night you crawl into it, gather all of your animals and all the essentials and go to sleep like the big girl you are. You love to tell Daddy and I that it's "MY bed" if we even attempt to crawl into it.

You've taken a loving to these old Disney animals your Auntie April brought you. You insist we cart them everywhere we go and if we misplace even one, there's hell to pay.

The weather outside is blistering hot and unless water is involved, we tend to stay inside during peak hours. We color on your easel a lot, watch way too much T.V. and loaf around. In the early morning when it's not too bad, we try to make it to a local park or help Daddy in the garden.

We both caught colds this month and had to deal with snot constantly rolling towards our upper lips, but we've recovered nicely and found a new appreciation for pulpy orange juice.

Next month should bring us cooler weather and tons of outdoor activities. I'm building up the supply of sidewalk chalk and outdoor toys to entertain us. I picture lots of picnics and ants in our future.

I love you,


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Yaya said...

Oh we just potty trained the 3 year old I nanny for. It finally took M&M's to do the trick!