Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Dress Like A Mom

My husband delights in telling me when my attire isn't exactly... hip.

Sure, sometimes I want to look less Mommish and more like a person who is 28 years old... but it's kinda hard to get away from the Mom look when you've got a 28 month old child clinging to your hip.

Of course, I retort to him that I am a Mom, so I look like a Mom... and then immediately follow it up by flicking him off or sticking my tongue out at him.

And you know what, it's HARD not to dress like a Mom because Mom's can wear comfy shorts or t-shirts that are buttery soft.

A 28 year old woman tends to wear trendy pieces that require Crisco and fishing line to complete the outfit.

And I am so not trendy.

Far from it.

Especially now that I'm pregnant and my stomach has started to push out. I stand before my closet eyeing my board shorts and tank tops with envy thinking: Why is this outfit unacceptable? Or those adidas shorts I wear only to the gym, why can't I zip up to the store in them? And big comfy t-shirts snagged from my hubby's closet, oh so lovable, but not very flattering.

Why can't I find a comfy maternity line that doesn't make me feel like a balloon and one that I can afford?

Any help here?


Allyson said...

I sooo love the stuff Target has now. It's weird...I couldn't find a darn thing when I was preggo, but now that I'm not, they come out with a ton of cute stuff!

PS: Tell hubby to be nice. It's not easy having to grow out of your clothes AND carry the baby AND go through labor. Men...they just don't get it sometimes!

chermonblie said...

Sears had a cute affordable maternity line when I was pregnant.

Columbia Lily said...

disclaimer first - I'm not a mom, nor have i ever been pregnant. However.

I also really like the Target line of stuff. Check freecycle.com, you can either request pregnancy clothes or you can keep checking to see if other people are giving them away. Also, you could try doing an alchemy request on etsy for pregnancy clothes, especially modifying clothes that you currently have to be pregnancy clothes. Or you could check craigslist.

sorrelle said...

I am not a mom but a stylist. You appear to be under a size 8 so my best advice would be to.
1. get a pair of cute boyfriend jeans that a loose yet adorable for your shifting body.
2.Buy the same tees youve been wearing just a a different size. 3. Look for clothes that have soft lines such as waterfall cardigans, maxi dresses.

Even a sung slim skirt and a tube top with ballet flats would be cute.

Work with the bump and try on all sorts of styles for your new figure.

If you have any questions hit me up . Good luck.

Trisha said...

I belonged to a moms group that had this HUGE tote filled with pregnancy clothes. We all would add a couple pieces and pass it along to the next pregnant lady.

Find one of these quick!