Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sleep Envelope

This house has become folded into some weird sleep envelope.

Maybe it came with all those magazines from the doctor's office.

I'm exhausted all the time, so I nap during the day and I sleep in late in the morning.

This means my toddler sleeps all the time too. She stays up until 11:00am and sleeps until 8:30am with a two plus hour nap during the day.

It's kinda like we're wandering around in a haze and we're lucky if we make it outside for some fun.

And I feel horrible about it!

My toddler shouldn't be sleeping like an old pregnant lady. Roo should be out having fun, taking on the playground, playing with kids her age.

Sure she doesn't protest all this sleeping and non-activity, but I hate it.

This must change. I'm putting my foot down and demanding F-U-N!

What do you think?


Erika said...

I think its too hot outside for anyone to have any energy! :) I remember how much more tired I was being pregnant with Shey than Peyton. Maybe Roo is going through a growth spurt?

Miss Anne said...

Take care of you, but get some fun time too! :)