Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review: All Modern Baby

Earlier this month I told you about a great website, AllModernBaby. A literally, one stop shop for everything you might ever need for your baby.

I got the chance to review Skip Hop Pronto! Mini Changer. I was super happy when picking this item out because I loath my diaper bag. It's bulky, uncomfortable and uber heavy. The Skip Hop Pronto! Mini Changer is perfect for me. It has a handy compartment for everything you need to change a diaper. There's a mesh bag for the diapers, a zipper part that holds diaper wipes and attached is a heavy duty changing pad.

The changing pad itself is wonderful because most diaper changing pads are made of flimsy plastic and are never large enough for a squirmy baby. The Skip Hop Pronto! Mini Changer is the opposite. It folds up nicely, cleans easily and is large enough to change my two year old on.

Plus, it's red and the funky pattern is a welcome change from boring old changers.

You can purchase the Skip Hop Pronto! Mini Changer from AllModernBaby for $29.99 by visiting their website here.

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Anonymous said...

we also have tried and like the jelly baby, which has a nice contour but not particularly portable so best for the house and the Patemm pad which is round, which is different and a cool portable design. for inhouse go Jelly. for portable go patemm pad.