Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh, You Again.

Living on a farm you are bound to come into contact with various types of icky bugs. It comes with the territory and while you get used to running into them outside, you still freak out when you run into them inside your house.

Take yesterday for instance.

Roo was playing in her playroom while I was doing who knows what in our bedroom. In her playroom there's a stack of old diaper boxes that I've kept to use to store old baby clothes, outgrown toys, etc.

When I walked in to talk to her about her selections for lunch, something out of the corner out of my eye I spy something.

A big something.

A huge (!!!) brown and black spider.

Now, you know I'm a huge fan of spiders... huge.

And it was a mere 10 feet from my child.

I swear, my heart stopped. I snatched Roo's arm and literally, dragged her out of the room while screaming for my husband.

I had all these visions of it jumping up and running away, hiding in a box of toys later to pop out when least expected. Maybe it was more of a fear, than a vision...

But alas, Mr. Me saved the day and squashed it rightly with a box of swifters.

My hero.

Of course, I'm watching every crook and cranny I can now, thinking that every dark spot is hiding one of those nasty creatures.

Typical, huh?


Allyson said...

Oh.My.Gawd. I HATE spiders. Seriously, I freak out like there's no tomorrow when I see one. Ick. Gross. Ewwwwww

So glad you had help in getting rid of it! What a great husband! :)

Miss Anne said...

I would have done the exact same thing. Spiders are the worst. I've seen them, jump, scurry, and hide... only to come out again later.... which = anxiety right?

Three cheers for the Mr!