Monday, July 27, 2009

Growing Up Too Fast

This weekend we purchased Roo a toddler bed.

She took great interest in it and even grabbed her orange plastic hammer to help us put it together. When it was done, she crawled all over it and grabbed all her pillows and my blanket on to it to make it her own.

I was a little worried she wouldn't sleep in it, but she never fails to surprise me.

She crashed out early and slept for 12 solid hours in it.

Of course, me being me, freaked out about it. She gave me up! We've been sleeping together for over a year and she just leaves me in the dust. I spent half the night at the end of my bed (hers butts right up to the end of ours), watching her, touching her... generally being a psycho mom who can't handle change as well as she should.
My husband was quite happy about the toddler bed. He is Roo's kicking bag during the night and loved not having to wake up black and blue (and cranky) because she practiced her kung fu all night.
My little girl is growing up too fast, but I'm happy to report she still needs me for lots of things... besides, she can't turn on the stove to cook breakfast or run the vacuum yet.
I am still needed... for now.


Erika said...

That baby KNOWS she is so loved! That's why she can sleep like that. She knows she is safe. :) And don't worry, I'm sure she will sneak back in bed with you on occassion. :)

Miss Anne said...

Awww! So sweet! :)

No doubt she'll need you for years to come! :)

Allyson said...

Awww what a big girl! I'm so glad she likes the new bed!

PS: You are not psycho, just a good mommy! :)