Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Roo (28 Months)

The past month has been insanity... which is why I'm writing you this letter a few days late.

With holidays, family trips, a 2nd baby and playdates galore the insanity of this past month has been fun.

We had a huge party for the fourth of July complete with tons of food and a huge bouncey house slide thing that you loved so much you cried when you had to give it up. Although we did discover you're not a big fan of fireworks and prefer to watch them on TV inside, without all the loud noises.

We took a family day and went to Aquarium in Tampa this past month too. A long drive, but worth it to watch you wide-eyed and fascinated with all the fish we saw. You did wonderful on the drive, no complaining or insisting you were "stuck" in your car seat.

We also found out that you are going to be a big sister! Sadly, you're not entirely sure what I mean when I tell you that there's a baby in my belly, but I'm sure over time you'll be the best big sister ever.

It has been another amazing month for you in terms of development. You continue to grow and learn so much. You can spit out words like no-bodies business and are starting the path to potty training. Of course, you insist on M&Ms every time you sit on the potty, but who am I to resist you?

I love you so much Roo... so so much.


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