Monday, July 13, 2009

Anything For A Kiss

For the longest time, Roo wouldn't give me kisses.

I had to steal them.

I had to be sneaky and devilish about it and pretend to give her the binky so she'd be puckered up and I would swoop in and plant one on her lips. Or I would snatch her up, turn her upside down and wait until she went into full on wide-open mouth giggle mode before I could attack her with my lips.

Now, she gives them.


And I take full advantage.

Roo, do you want a cookie? First you must give me a kiss.

Roo, would you like to go play toys? Kiss please.

Roo, do you love me? Prove it and KISS ME!

I make up any excuse for her to kiss me.

And I love it.

I just melt when I ask for a kiss and she leans forward, perfect pink lips puckered... she even makes the MUAH sound after we kiss.

It warms every part of my heart... so much that I must go demand more kisses from her, right this instant.

Poor child is going to hate me one day, huh?



Rebecca said...

I love kisses too!

Ashley said...

I love gigggly kisses from Babe.

Miss Anne said...

no, she's gonna be a loving kid!


HolidaysForFun said...

Is this the USA?