Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today is turning out to be one of those day.

You know, one of those day where you are snappy, grumpy and just all around bitchy?

It doesn't help that I got pooped on today either.


p.s. Did you know I'm up for an award with Nick's Parents Connect? Did you know that you can vote once everyday? Click here and make me super happy. :)


Miss Anne said...

.... my day is EXACTLY what you're describing.


i voted for you, and will continue to. because i think you're neat.

even when i'm bitchy. ;)

Capital Mom said...

Hope it gets better. I hate those days.

Lace said...

Woah, woah, woah, woah... first you got kicked out & then you didn't even get invited to the wedding?! I can't even believe that!!

MamabearMills said...

dont even start with the pooped on. my daughter threw up all over my bed and me last night at 2am!!! then it's shit all day today! grrrr im retiring as mommy!

Columbia Lily said...

i hate those days. it's only worse when it's humid outside (or INSIDE, which is WORSE) and you're trapped with 25 smelly teens who just came from gym and insist on standing in front of the fan so their nasty sweat funk goes splashing onto some other kid, who flies off the handle and almost punches kid 1 in the face.