Monday, May 4, 2009

No Worries Allowed

Someone recently asked me why I didn't have Roo signed up for any of the billion and one "educational" classes that are offered for toddlers.

And I admitted to her that I'd thought about it, even once felt guilty that I didn't have my enthusiastic child signed up for gym or music classes. I'd once complained to my husband that all the other Mommies had their babies learning Cantonese, while mine was just mastering plain old English.

He rolled his eyes at me and told me I was silly (which he often says to me). Then life started happening and we moved and all this other stuff happened and the desire for music classes and tumbling took a back burner to more important things.

Then I realized, Roo doesn't need any kind of class at all.

Roo is two years old.

She's a child.

She should act like a child.

She shouldn't have to worry about learning a foreign language until high school. If she wants to tumble, I'll show her in the front yard. If it's music she desires, I can crank up the radio and sing along in a horrible fashion.

Roo is never going to get these moments back, why waste them stuck in a classroom? She's going to have nothing but pressure to learn when she gets older. Why can't she just enjoy being a kid? Why can't she just learn how to pull the tails off of lizards and chase ladybugs in the garden for now?

This is the only time in her life she won't be feeling this pressure to perform. This is one of the only times in her life she doesn't have to worry about squat.

And I'm totally fine with the other toddlers doing their thing, while my baby does hers.


MamabearMills said...

my daughter isn't in anything either. first off, Im NOT wasting my money! she has more fun with music at home than she could in any $40 class!

Stepfanie said...

My daughter just turned 2 and we put her in a ballet class after we had to run into a ballet studio to use the restroom, and she ran into the studio and started listening to the instructor and copying what she was doing. Now she cries every time her class is over and we have to leave. But I completely agree with your post. People put so much pressure on their toddlers and get them into so many different things. I'll let my daughter tell me what she wants to do. Ballet is enough for me, the rest of the weeks it's just me and my daughter and a bunch of paint, playdough, and paper! lol

Yaya said...

I guess you're right. Although I know I have tons of fun taking the ones I nanny for to little classes where we run around together and have fun! Not that we can't do that aside from a class, but with 4 kids it sets apart that hour for JUST that kid, ya know? So yeah, with one kid, it's not really something you have to worry about yet.

Capital Mom said...

We signed my daughter up for "gym" class where a bunch of kids run around and play on balance beams and the rings, etc. It is a lot of work for the parents because you have the watch them the whole time to make sure they don't fall and break something! But it is a lifesaver when it is minus 20 degrees and it is too cold to do anything outside and she has more energy then I ever will. Never mind that the snow is higher than a child. Now that spring is here I just let her lose in the park. But those classes are a lifesaver in the long Canadian winter!

chermonblie said...

Personally, we don't have the extra money for all of that stuff. Miles is a brilliant child and it's not because of this class or that... it's because his mom and dad interact with him and are showing him the world. That will mean more in the long run than any baby gymnastics class will! :)

BTW... M and I will be in OC next week thru the 22nd. Are you close by? I'm wanting to take him to the beach on Saturday or Sunday if you and Roo want to go with us.

Erika said...

I hear ya. I'm already worn out from Peyton and the sports thing and we only participate in two sports a year. I can only imagine next year when Shey starts too.

Ashley said...

I agree. I think Babe needs the interaction at this age and when he gets a bit older, but I do not feel guilty for not putting him in a class to learn more. If he were to ever show interest in something, I would allow him to pursue it but I'm not putting pressure on him to be anything but my baby!

The Wrenns said...