Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roo-Ca-Choo - 26 Months

Dear Roo,

Sometimes I catch myself watching you while you sleep. But not in the creepy Freaked-Out Mom way where I'm making sure you haven't stopped breathing, but in the so dreamily in love, can't get over how pretty, ooey-gooey way. I call it the gushing pile of mush Mommy way.

I like to look at how you pucker your lips slightly while you snooze. I also adore how your mouth is also open a fraction and how you sleep on your side just like mushy Mommy does. I get a kick out of the fact that your belly shifts when you roll over just like Daddy's does.


Glimpsing you in this nocturnal form is rare this past month. You shun naps at least two times a week and tend to stay up until 11:00pm lately. While yes, this does drive me crazy, I try to keep the peace by packing your schedule full of activities (splash park, gardening, running in circles...) so that by the end of the day your eyes are rolling into the back of your head. I refuse to let you give up naps 100%, so get that idea out of your gorgeous head.

You've discovered old Disney movies this month as well. Your Auntie April brought over some VHS tapes, since your Dad and I are the only humans that still own a VHS player, and I popped in one one day to entertain you and you've been hooked since. Your favorites are Toy Story 1 and 2. Every night (and morning and afternoon) you come running at me and say: Watch!

I tend to give in and curl up behind you as you glue yourself to the TV, because you have so much energy and spend so much time rushing around everywhere (the grocery store included), that the rare chance to cuddle with you is not passed up.

Sure, my blog and my writing suffers, but you are worth it.

You are worth everything in this life and I could never imagine my life without you. I love you so very much, Roo.



Amanda said...

So sweet!!! I love blogging about my daughter so that she will have wonderful memories to read one day.

Oh and your not the ONLY one to still have a VHS Player...we do too and tons of VHS tapes to put in it. :)

Jennifer said...

Aw, so sweet! I love watching my babies sleep too. It's so great you write those monthly letters.

Also--it's so cool you have medium-format cameras! Please feel free to share anytips w/ me! I used my new camera for the firsttime today--I'm very interesed to see how the pics turn out.

Sarah said...

Very sweet! Sleeping little ones are sp precious!

{Diamond} said...

Aww, so sweet! My baby sleeps with us, too. She'll be 2 in July, and will be (trying) to transition her into her own bed at that time. Yes, I admit, I love sleeping with my baby, and don't really care what anyone else thinks lol. Love your blog! Coming through from SITS.

becca greene said...

visiting from sits playing the comment on the person before me game. what a sweet perspective