Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Lately I've been reconnected with old friends.

Particularly a friend I thought I'd lost a lifetime ago.

A friend that molded me, made me who I was at the tender age of 12.

I met Tara on the school bus in middle school. She was this tiny slip of a girl with the most amazing pair of green eyes. She didn't like me at first (most don't), but one day I invited her over and after slicing open my toe while playing volleyball, we bonded over pizza.

And we were hooked.

We sat together on the bus, we passed notes in the hallways, we would call each other and talk for hours on the phone at night.

She was my everything.

She knew about my obsession with Pearl Jam, all the boys I liked (and disliked) and my love of Marlboro cigarettes.

We would swim in her pool, listen to grunge music, read insanely long books (especially for 12 year olds) and watch Showtime late at night.

She became part of the family and I was part of hers. I would spritz on her mother's cologne when she wasn't looking (the mom, not Tara, but she could always smell it and yell at Tara for it after I'd gone). I was such a part of her family that her rottweilers loved me too.

It was a wonderful feeling at such a young age.

Attending different high schools, we grew apart but I never forgot about her. She was in the back of my mind and when ever I saw a VW Beetle or listened to Stairway to Heaven, I was crushed with memories.

I stumbled upon her MySpace page two years ago and we caught up, now we comment on each other's Facebook crap everyday.

And it feels good.

It feels real good to have a part of your past in your presence.

I'm so grateful we were able to reconnect and find that while we live totally different lives, we still have a friendship and we still have each other's back.

I'm so glad to have found you again, Tara.


Rebecca said...

Isn't that the best?
I did the same, connected over FB though. We were friends all through grade, middle and high school. Then lost touch. I went to visit her in March and am going to her wedding shower in NY in 2 weeks! It is so fun! She took her diary out and we read it over wine! It was so funny!

Miss Tara Claire said...

Ha! Those damn Shannon Tweed movies on Showtime!

It's great to be with you again too. I always thought of you and would flip through the old diaries once a year. We went through so much together. . .

You know, I still have a copy of your first manuscript. It's going on Ebay as soon as you hit it big ;)

You're my oldest friend (even though you look so young - I won't tell them you're really 45 :P).

SuZ said...

Hey, if I'm 45, so are you!!!! :p

Ashley said...

That's the best part of Myspace && Facebook!

Amy said...

Congratulations! It is a heart tugging feeling. I also recently reconnected with my middle & high school best friends through myspace and facebook. Last week I made a road trip 1100 miles back home to see them. It was bittersweet!

Miss Anne said...

Finding old friends is so comforting and great isn't it?

Yay for you and Tara!