Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When we become parents, not only are we charged with giving them a safe, healthy upbringing, we are charged with bringing up our children to have respect.

Not just the Aretha Franklin kind either.

It's our job as parents to raise our children to be good, not judge others and most importantly, to have the respect for others that they deserve.

While it's a lot of pressure for parents to be under, it's nothing we can't handle. The Give Respect campaign has faith in us that we can teach our children right from wrong. Dedicated to preventing dating abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, the Give Respect campaign wants to teach children that strength does not equal violence.

From their website: The RESPECT! Campaign is the Family Violence Prevention Fund's (FVPF) latest initiative to advance a national movement to promote healthy relationships through positive role modeling and respect education. By individuals everywhere to be part of the solution, the RESPECT! Campaign provides everyday tools and resources to show help teach young people about respect in relationships. Through this campaign, the Family Violence Prevention Fund seeks to amplify a national conversation about the critical role that parents, teachers, coaches, and other living, breathing role models to young people have to play in helping all of our sons and daughters shape a world that is free of relationship violence.

In coordination with Macys, the Give Respect campaign has these gorgeous faux-leather bracelets for sale. Half of the proceeds from bracelets purchased will go to the Family Violence Prevention Fund's RESPECT! campaign.

In honor of teaching respect, the Give Respect campaign has given me one of these bracelets to giveaway.

To enter, leave a comment below and tell me how you plan on teaching your children respect.
Contest will end May 15th, 2009 at 11:59pm (eastern standard time).


MamabearMills said...

I already teach my kids respect and I have the best most well behaved 9 year old out there. People tell me so all the time. We have talks about what is nice to say and what things you should keep your mouth shut about. We have open communication at our house, so that he isn't wondering all the time. Like wondering what he should act like. We talk to our kids!

Capital Mom said...

I plan to teach my kids respect by being respectful to them. I believe they will learn by example and if I don't treat them with respect they won't treat others with respect.

Erika said...

We need a whole big whopping dose of respect in our house. Peyton's mouth is quickly running away with him and I'm kinda at a loss.

The Monfort 3 said...

I try to teach my daughter respect by using examples I have gone through in my life. My husband and I did not have "perfect" upbringings and instead of simply saying, "Don't do that...it's wrong," we explain consequences and give examples of our own life. I think that level of honesty helps teach respect and by giving her respect I feel she in return learns how to be respectful.

Whoa...that was a mouthful! ; )

Anna said...

I plan on teaching my children that we hug, we don't hit.