Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Colored Mud

Since Roo was a young baby girl, she has always veered towards the more masculine toys. Daddy would buy her Hot Wheelz and Monster Trucks and she adored them. My daughter loves nothing more than playing in the dirt and riding in Daddy's truck.

Now, I was a tomboy to the core when I was younger. I'd always opted to play GI Joes with my brother than to play dolls with my sister. I see nothing wrong with having a daughter that prefers combat boots to Barbies.

But lately I've been noticing a change.

She wears her pink tutu with her Johnny Cash prison stripped onesie. She takes her Barbie doll with her as well as her Hot Wheelz when we go out. She carries her farm animals in her purse.

And today, oh today, we played Tea.

We dug out the tea set, sat at her tiny pink table in her impossibly tiny pink chairs and drank copious amounts of water.

My heart melted as my precious daughter kept refilling my tiny purple polka dot tea cup every time I took a sip.

Sure, we got more water on the floor and all over the table then in our mouths, but it is a moment I will never forget. One that reminded me that no matter how many four wheelers Daddy buys her and while her dresses may be covered in dirt, she will always be a girl. My girl.

The most perfect thing on this planet.


Wendy said...

Ally likes to watch Transformers, Spider Man and Bat Man...all while wearing her pink fairy costume with wings, play shoes and jewelry!

Miss Anne said...


She sounds perfect indeed.

MamabearMills said...

awwwwwwwwww i love it!!!

Capital Mom said...

It is moments like that! Makes it all worthwhile.

Noah's Mommy said...

I love how she can be both tom boy and girlie girl...makes her well rounded....Thanks so much for coming by my blog on my feature day on thurs...I'm so happy you did.

Lace said...

Ahh, perfection :)

Oh, & you can search me on facebook! I'm "lacey willis" in the new orleans, LA network! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh how sweet--I just love the girly girl stuff!

fidget said...

That's how my girls were for the longest time- pink tutu plastic high heels, fuzzy purse jammed full of hotwheels. Best of both worlds!