Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, that smell

When I brought you home from the hospital, you had that new baby smell.

A unique blend of babiness that is hard to replicate.

I would sniff you for hours when you were a baby. It was the kind of smell that would make me sigh with happiness and feel oh-so-comfy. It was soft and warm and distinctively you.

Over time, that new baby smell wore off.

As you began to toddle around, speak more and play more, your scent changed. The powdery smell that enveloped you was becoming faint and I found myself trying to find it. I would catch a glimpse of it on your old toys or clothes you had worn when you were tiny.

Today while cuddling in bed, I realized that you have a new smell.

Still warm and fresh, it's more toddler than newborn.

A smell that invokes a new kind of warm fuzziness to take over me.

I could never label what it smells like to anyone else, all I could ever call it is the scent of you. It smells like a warm summer day full of playing in green, green grass and a cold winter day eating soup and cookies in front of a fire all wrapped into one.

It smells like home to me.

You are home to me.


Erika said...

That's sweet. :) Shey still smells sweet most the time, but Peyton is starting to smell like a prepubescent boy. :)

Mindy said...

I loved that and know exactly what you are talking about. My lovebug is not a toddler yet but her smell certainly is changing:)
Thanks for sharing:)

Yaya said...

Oh I just wish they could bottle up that newborn smell! I love it too!!! And the smell of a baby after they have a bath.

Jennifer said...

Aw so sweet! I do love that new baby smell!

PS--I am enjoying the Rollei, but so far I haven't gotten any great pics w/ it--must keep practicing!!

Ashley said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. Babe and Mr. Amazing both have unique smells to their skin that I could definitely get lost in. Which I do each night when I rock babe to sleep and again when I cuddle up next to my husband.