Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy Confessions

I don't know when it started, hell, I don't even know when it became popular but I have to admit it, I'm a SUCKER for reality TV.


You name it, I've watched it. The Deadliest Catch, Tori & Dean, Rock of Love, Operation Repo, whatever, I've watched it and drove my husband crazy in the process.

I'm not really sure what about reality TV makes me like it, but I do. It might be the reality of it, the way it shows people in their element. It might just be all the crazy stripper chicks that get so wasted and are ridiculously falling down drunk that they are making asses of themselves. Maybe it's because I like to take a peek at a dirty job I'll never have.

Who knows.

But I'm hooked. I've got my shows programmed a week in advance and I actually get excited when I know a new one is starting or a new season is starting.

Pathetic, I know.

But the best thing about this mommy confession is I'm not alone. I know scores and scores of people that have the same addiction I do. So I must not be as insane as my husband swears I am... right?


Jules said...

LOL I have a similar post in my blog b/c it seems that pretty much every show DH and I watch is reality tv! LOL

Mama Bub said...

You're definitely NOT alone. I just wrote about my bizarre love of the Real Housewives. I wish that was the extent of it!

Jones-Keeping Up With Mom said...

Hey Lady! I'm with you. Dunno why, but I love trashy reality television, and well...to my husband....it's ALL trashy so yah, you're right. You're not alone lol.

Capital Mom said...

I do love America's Next Top Model. But now I am hooked on another dirty little secret, 90210.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm totally 100% addicted to reality TV too!!! I havent gotten into the Real Housewives though... that's one I feel like I'm missing out on... gotta wait for a day marathon & get caught up!

Miss Anne said...


my newest obsession?

-waiting for SYTYCD to come on (THIS THURSDAY!!!)
- Big Brother to on!


Jenny Rebecca said...

We're ANTM fans! Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance?