Friday, May 22, 2009

Maybe She'll Potty Train One Day

Ahhh, potty training.

Where do I even begin with this subject?

I read somewhere that girls potty train early so even before Roo turned two I bought her her first potty. A hard plastic pink thing from IKEA that didn't cost more than $4.And when we got home and she immediately sat on it (with clothes), I literally jumped up and down while clapping my hands.

I must have scared her because she didn't sit on it again for months.

On her second birthday, she got a really pretty potty with a soft, squishy seat and again, she was curious but nothing concrete. Sometimes she would sit on it but sometimes she would cry if I dared asked if she wanted to sit on it.

After more reading, I heard about bribing your kiddo to sit on the potty and bought M&Ms to encourage her.

Bad mistake.

I gave one to her once, now all day long she's running to the potty shouting "M&Ms!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Not that she's done anything on that potty but look totally cute naked and scarfed down way too many M&Ms.

I'm just going to give her time, but like I've said before, she'll go when she's ready.

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Miss Anne said...

that's one thing that i dread when i have a child...

i know how hard it is to do with a puppy, let alone a child!

good luck with your potty journey!

Rebecca said...

Katie just turned 3 and JUST potty trained 2 weeks before.

I tried M&M's and she did the same thing Roo did. I stopped. I started telling her she could only have them of she peed on the potty. That helped.....some.

PorkStar said...

Wow that would work for me too actually.

Jenny said...

I waited until my E was 3. We talked about how in April we would learn to use the potty regularly so there would be no surprise. The first week in April came and I told her - its here - its time to use the potty. The first day, she ran around naked because having panties on just confused her and she would pee in them. But the next day - panties were fine and she was fully potty trained within 5 days.