Thursday, May 7, 2009

Full Force, Baby

The terrible twos are in full force in our household.

Sure, I've mentioned it before a time or two. But this time, I'm serious.

Dead. Serious.

Not only is my adorable little nugget of a toddler going on a rampage that includes ripping keys off of keyboards, smashing photo frames and tossing sippy cups (which, by the way, could be an Olympic sport), she's doing it all with a smile.

Yesterday as I was making dinner, she walked into the kitchen holding one of my husband 11x14 glass negatives, grinned up at me before dropping it. Just unclenched her pretty little fingers and letting it fall to the floor.

This pales in comparison to her pushing over my husband's professionally framed (and just picked up and paid for the day before), ready for show 20x24 photo. She laughed, pushed it down and then stood on the back of it.

And what about her refusal to nap. Or her refusal not to drop food at dinner time.

I could go on and on.

The catastrophes my daughter has created lately is enough to make this Mommy nutty. I mean, what can you really do? I've tried discipline. I've tried time outs, a smack on the tushy, stern words... and nothing works. She just continues on without a total lack of concern.

Is this karma for me being a rotten child when I was younger?

Am I just going to have to wait 10 more months until she's three and the terrible twos have passed? Am I going to have to deal with it?

At least she comes and hugs me after she's turned into Captain Smash-a-Roo.



Yaya said...

Oh no! Do you just put her in her crib anyways? Give her some books and call it "rest time"!

Sarah said...

"They" say that 3s aren't any better. I don't know. But I know about the destruction with a smile thing.

Erika said...

The reason the threes are worse is because then they really know what they are doing and then it's just willfully being bad. With two, they are still testing their limits and still don't truly understand the consequences even though at times you swear they do.

MamabearMills said...

WOW! I thought I was alone!

Sarah said...

I am so there! My son is doing the EXACT same things. He could CARE LESS about time outs,he laughs in my face. All I can say is, 3 is worse...I've been there too!

Christy said...

Oh oh oh... 3 is tons of fun. (Dripping with sarcasm here) At least at tw they still have the cute little baby face & no matter what they do it's only a matter of minutes before they make your heart melt. At 3 they are growing bigger and waaaaaaaaaay more vocal so not only do you get the dropped glass, but some smart ass comment to go with it. At the end of the day you realize you wouldn't change a thing because they're yours & you love every bit of it!! Good luck with the next 10 months! ; )

Wendy said...

3 has been way worse than 2 in our house. Not only does the misbehaving continue, you get smart mouth words to go with it. Just today my angelic daughter told me I'm not invited to her birthday party anymore because I'm a mean stupid head.

myboysangel said...

Wwelcome to parenthood. Hate to tell you it doesn't always end at age 3. I can't believe I get to live it again.