Monday, May 11, 2009

Are You Serious?

The other day someone mentioned to me that it was okay for me to admit I was depressed.

When she said this, I about dropping everything I was carrying and tripped over my own two feet.

Me? Depressed?

They said that because I was still sad about my grandfather passing and since I was so tired lately, I might need to go on medicine so my "depression" doesn't get out of control.

Of course, when you insist to someone who thinks you're depressed that you're not, they swear you're in denial.

To set the record straight: I. AM. NOT. DEPRESSED.

See, my issue is that I'm human.

And humans tend to have emotions.

When a beloved family member passes away, no matter how prepared you are for it, you still cry about it. You have emotions because death is not easy.

And when you're exhausted from chasing around a very active toddler and you stay up all night writing, you tend to show the emotion that you're tired and yawn... a lot.

I do not believe in taking medicine for feeling perfectly normal human emotions. I understand that for some this option has worked wonders for them, but it's not for me.

Besides, why do I need to mask my emotions with medicine? Why do I need to dull life in general because I go through normal, typical temperments of a woman?

Crying does not make one in dire need of medical attention. Yawning all the time does not mean you are on the road to crazy town.

I'm not posting this to offend anyone who needs medical help or treatment for their issues. I'm writing this because I'm tired of people assuming they know what's up with me.


Lace said...

I understand. There are some people who do need medication(I have previously, and that's ok) and people who don't. I feel that if you can indeed control which emotions you're feeling at which moments and are functioning like a "normal" human being... there is not a thing wrong with you!

Ashley said...

I completely understand where you're coming from. Perhaps this person has never had to deal with a death so close to their heart and therefore they don't understand properly because of it. Sometimes, I wish people who just be sympathetic rather than trying to be empathetic to situations.

Miss Anne said...

Oh girl, I completely understand. Why are people so quick to throw medicine at people when they merely are being human and acting accordingly?

I think you should be allowed to react and respond in any way that feels natural, isn't harming yourself or those around you, and isn't for an extended period of time.

YOU just take care of YOU. Ignore the people who are "diagnosing" you out of the kindness of their heart. (granted i'm sure they mean well and are just concerned, but c'mon!)

sending you a hug. :)

Sarah said...


Losing a loved one is hard and takes time to heal from. And running after a toddler can be very tiring!

Rachel said...

this was great for me to read. right now i am wondering if i need to try some medicine to get me out of my funk. thanks for keeping "human" real.

Mama Bub said...

A friend, who is no longer a friend, was CONVINCED after I had Bub that I was depressed. If I was tired and didn't want to go out, if I started working out, everything I did was a sign that I was depressed. She would cheer when I would put on makeup and cute clothes and talk softly if she caught me in sweats. Yo! I had a kid! I'm tired and um, TIRED.

We don't need to diagnose every emotion.

Amanda said...

I hear ya! I once went to my doctor several years ago because I was feeling constantly fatigued. The first question out of her mouth was "Are you depressed?" and of course I said no and then she said, "yeah, you don't look depressed so let's do some bloodwork then". But what if I said yes??? Would she have written me a prescription for an anti-depressent? (She would CONSTANTLY push all kinds of allergy prescriptions on me every time I got a sinus infection....but I just don't like taking medicines in general).

As it turned out after blood work, I had (have) Reactive Hypoglycemia which can be controlled through diet and exercise. And I eventually found another doctor who is not obsessed with selling name brand prescriptions.