Friday, May 8, 2009

6am Wake Up Call

This past week has been a trial.

A no-napping child means early bed in this household, which leads to early (very early) wake-up calls. Frequently this past week I've found myself up at 6am and let be honest here, Mommy doesn't function well at 6am.

I'm not sure what's going on with the no-naps either.

Roo just flat out refuses to nap.

Typically, come 1pm I take her into the room ,grab the essentials (i.e. binky and taggie), tuck her in with smooches and she goes to sleep. It's been working great since I weaned her and we've had minimal problems.

Lately, no.

I do the routine and as soon as I turn my back to leave, she shoots up and starts giggling. She wiggles out of bed and ends up in the toy box before I can bat my eyes.

I've spent an hour putting her back into bed, telling her no, being sweet about it, anything I can do to get her tushy back in bed and sleeping.

Nothing works.

So for the past week, she hasn't napped once. Not even that one time we woke up super early, played at the park for over an hour and her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. Nope, no nap.

Today we're going to the opening of a new splash park with feverish prayers that it wears her out.

I'm also praying that this isn't the end of naps in general. I love when she naps because it means she stays up late with us. When she doesn't nap and falls asleep at 7pm, I miss her. I miss watching cartoons with her and snuggling and goofing off. When she falls asleep at 7pm, I miss hanging out in the garden and watching the sunset and playing with the ladybugs....

Wish me luck.


Sarah said...

Good luck!

Ashley said...

Good luck friend!

fidget said...

oh man, my 2 yr old just gave up nap and this has translated into very long, very unpleasant days. What's worse is that his 11 mo old brother is trying to follow suit. I need that nap to shower!

Mindy said...

That is so sweet! I have some weeks where Vivi does that (7mo) and if she doesn't nap then she is CRANKY!!! But she still won't go to sleep early and has started this weird waking up at 4am to play routine. Oh the joys!!

Anyways, good luck in your enedeavors! Hopefully nap time will return!!