Sunday, April 26, 2009

Water Baby No More?

Roo's sign is Pieces, which is a water sign.

From day one, Roo has LOVED her baths. She could (and did) spend hours splashing in the sink and later on, the tub. Give that child a few toys and some bubbles and she was happy.

Those days have disappeared.

As soon as I mention the word bath, she freaks out. She will literally run away from me if she can.

She just starts screaming, complete with crazy tears as soon as her tiny feet hit the bathroom tile.

Bath time has been reduced to the world's quickest shower where I quickly slather her body with soap, wash her hair and swoop her out of there as fast as I can.

Oh, the tears and the screams I endear in that three minute shower.

You would think someone shot her.

I tried a tub full of toys and finger paints last night with hopes of enticing her.... nope.

What has happened? It's not like she doesn't like water because she'll play in her little plastic pool everyday, and quite happily too.

Where did my bath baby go? I mean, I can't forgo giving my child a bath, she plays outside all day and gets very dirty. Besides, could you imagine the smell if I didn't?

Egh, any suggestions?


Yaya said...

Do you have your keyboard back in order?

So this happened with a little boy I nannied for (weird how I've been through so many scenarios between my different nanny jobs) and I researched it and it said he is probably scared of the uncertainty of slipping. Once they realize that the tub is slippery they can sometimes get scared. So they recommended putting a towel under them to sit on. yes, one more thing to wash, but worked like a charm for him because he felt safer.

Lace said...

A kid I used to baby sit went through this stage. It. was. awful. I ended up tricking him into bathing by saying, "Hey, you wanna go swimming in the bath tub? We can't go outside since it's dark out." Worked like a charm. He put on his trunks and hopped in and played while I sat on the side and sneakily soaped him up! I hope this stage passes quickly for you!

domesticgoddess said...

I am pisces too but I so love the water! Both my kids love taking baths (they are 1 and 3). You can try and get this thing called Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard. It makes a gazillion bubbles!

I wish I had more ideas! :(

Ashley said...

You're in Florida - so perhaps get a swimming pool (kiddo appropriate) and do bath time out there at night. We mix warm water in with Babe's and he spends almost an hour in there at least. Worth a try!