Monday, April 27, 2009

Review & Giveaway: Dr. Hippo Books

All of our kids have been sick and all of us have freaked out when we’ve had absolutely no clue what to do about it.

I recently had to deal with a three week hodge-podge of symptoms that ranged from fever, throw up and diarrhea. Let me tell you, I really could have used the Dr. Hippo set of books to calm myself and my daughter down.

The Hippo Series is a series of five books that cover typical ailments of kids. Written by Dr. Charlotte Cowan, The Dr. Hippos series includes: Moose with the Loose Poops, Katie Caught a Cold, Peeper Has a Fever ,Sadie's Sore Throat , and The Little Elephant with the Big Earache .

As a mother of three and a certified pediatrician, Dr. Cowan knows what she’s writing about. Each book uses bright illustrations to explain to kids what is going on with their bodies and teaches them not to fear what is happening. The friendly Dr. Hippo helps both the parents and the kids understand their sickness and the best remedies to make them feel better.

The best thing about these books, each has a handy-dandy parent’s booklet in the back. Packed with tips and advice, the guides help parents make these situations as comfortable for your kiddos as possible.

No parent should be without these books!

And one of you won't be! You have the chance to win a complete set of the Dr. Hippo books!

To get your hands and this amazing set of books all you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell me what common ailment knocks your kid down for the count and how you make them feel better. This giveaway will run until May 8, 2009.

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Thank you to MomFuse for this review opportunity!

15 comments: said...

Thanks for the great review!

Staci said...

These books ound cool! My son recently had strep throat and it wiped him out! I have never seen him so blah! I gave him lots of popsicles and snuggles which made him feel a little better!

Staci said...

PS I follow! :)

MamabearMills said...

Strep throat and runny poop plagues my son often! As a matter of fact, he has a 102 fever as I type!

MamabearMills said...

Oh, and I follow you TOO

Sabrina James said...

Wow. These books look awesome. How original. Ok. I am going to give this a shot The toughest illness my daughter has gone through was the flu. Thankfully it was not the super-scary and oddly named swine flu (bird, swine, what's next? puppy flu?). The high fevers and body aches were so hard to explain to my toddler. I pulled out all of her favorite movies, and we made a bed on the couch for me, her and her favorite stuffed animals. We watched Annie, Wall-E and Polar Express, drank gatorade, made blended ice drinks, slept and cuddled. To relieve the body aches, I scratched her back, arms and legs endlessly (per her request.) As hard as it is to watch your child sick and in pain, I will say, it was nice knowing that all she wanted was my comfort. That will surely be something I miss when she is all grown up.

Miss Anne said...

First off I'll be honest... I dont have any children... yet.. (we're in the process of trying to conceive) :)

HOWEVER, with that being said, I LOVE children's books and already have a collection started for our "little one" someday! :)

I hope to be able to help with any "ailment" that comes our way with love and kindness.


Rebecca said...

coughs would be my choice! Or even allergies!

I stalk you!

I just started Tweeting today! WAHOO! I just tweeted about it! It is linked to my blog!

Sarah said...

I am following you!
Earaches a big downer for my kids. I usually try a warm cloth of the sore ear, it seems to sooth them enough to fall asleep.

Capital Mom said...

A cold may be just a cold to some, but to my kids it's a black hole of sleepless nights and crankiness.
I try to make them feel better with lots of hugs and kisses, books and, on the really sick days, videos. Yay Backyardians!
Love your blog.

Capital Mom said...

I follow your blog

Andrea M said...

Sore throats always get us...I give them a warm glass of apple juice and it seems to make them feel better

Andrea M said...

I follow

Nad said...

Sore throats (which my son calls "spicy throats") happen to us often. These books look really cute. Thanks for the chance!

treflea4 at gmail dot com

Nad said...

I'm following.

treflea4 at gmail dot com