Monday, April 13, 2009

Mother's Intuition

I'm a firm believer in what I call: a Mother's Intuition.

Of course, my husband begs to differ and says it's simply called being a good parent.

Take this for example. Saturday morning around 4am Roo started throwing up. Just out of no where, starts chucking everywhere. Every twenty minutes she was gagging and every 19 minutes I was waking up.

It's as if my brain knew my child was going to need me so I would wake up.

This happened when Roo was young and would wake up to nurse at night. I would wake up every two hours, seconds before she did. I remember this because, between me and you, I would wake up, groan and pray Roo wasn't going to wake up.

Of course, she did but that's not the point. The point is that I have been instilled with the super-power of knowing when my child needs me. All mother's are. We know when our child is going to need our assistance. We know when we need to jump up from bed and come running with a bowl to throw up in.

And while my husband swears he's got this "intuition" too, I distinctively recall me calling him, me waking him up, to help me clean up puke.

I don't doubt him being a good dad, because he is a hell of a dad, but he's also a heavy sleeper too.


(I love you hunny).


Hattie said...

It's only a "mommy thing". I did the same thing this morning. I wasn't in a hurry like normal to get Ethan up for school. For some reason I had a feeling he was sick and sure enough he was. Like I said it's a "mommy thing"!!!! Good or bad you always seem to know!

Ashley said...

My husband is a heavy sleeper too. When I tell him sometimes about Babe waking up and me bringing him into the bed to nurse him, he's like "What's he doing here?" He never wakes up.

Sarah said...

I'm a very heavy sleeper, and I agree with you on Mother's intuition...I'll wake up too.

hope Roo is feeling better...