Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Facebook Curse

I've been a member of Facebook for a while now. I joined to promote the photography business and once I started back writing, I totally forgot about it.

Until some of my peeps at Playground hunted me down and sucked me back in.

Now, I visit at least three times a day. I'm updating what I'm doing, I'm become fans, I'm commenting on pictures. I can't stay away and now understand why some of my friends were refering to it as "Crackbook."

It's just as addicting... not that I've ever done crack.

I've also re-connected with some old friend that slipped through the cracks. I've even found some people I really don't want to see again.

I'm finding myself jumping from my article (that's due tomorrow) over to Crackbook and seeing if anyone has uploaded anything new. I cannot stop.


I can spend hours on this thing... my poor MySpace page has gone silent since this started.

Oh well, at least I know I'm not alone... right?

If you want to become my friend on facebook, shoot me an email and I'll add you as a friend.


Jess said...

You are not alone!
I'm addicted to 'crackbook' too!! lol
I just never thought of calling it that!
My myspace feels so neglected these days!!

NicEmMOM said...

It is insane that at 4:30 am there are people on! I agree that there are some peeps that you don't want to see again let alone waste time online with them. Just don't start Bubble shooter, wayyyyyyy tooooo adictive!

Ashley said...

I adore Crackbook. It's amazing!

Wendy said...

Yes, I'm addicted to FB too. I check it all the time!