Friday, April 10, 2009

The Envy of Easter Baskets

When I was a child and Easter would roll around, I would drool with envy over those pre-filled masterpieces of store bought Easter Baskets. I literally would be pea-green with jealously at kids who got those kinds of baskets.

I can remember slowly walking up and down the Easter Aisle when I was a child. My eyes were wide and my mouth was watering just looking at all those yummy chocolate Easter bunnies. I would trail my finger along the cellophane wrappers covering the pink and purple baskets filled to the brim with Easter grass, Barbie dolls and tons and tons of candy.

I would plead with my mother to tell the Easter bunny I wanted this one pointing to the one filled with Crayola products and if all else failed, I would accept the smaller Barbie doll one.

She would roll her eyes (a trick I learned from her) and continue her grocery shopping saying "We'll see."

And every Easter would roll over and alas, no pre-packaged, cellophane Easter basket.

Of course, I would get an Easter basket. But it was one that my Mom and Dad put together. And of course, as a kid you don't appreciate their efforts.

All you could think about was that Barbie doll or the chocolate bunny that didn't get delivered to your door.

Now as a parent, I look at those pre-packaged Easter baskets that line every aisle of Target and WalMart and I think, how stupid I was. I never thought about the time and energy or the love my parents put into our baskets.

What I didn't know was that instead of taking the easy route in Easter Basket 101, my parents were creative and took time to pick and choose each item that went into our baskets.

And while I'm sure Roo will go through this longing for cellophane disasters (that are never really as full as I thought they were, the magic of Easter grass did indeed work wonders), but I am hoping one day she'll see the love and care I put into her hand-made, home-made Easter baskets, just like I did with my parents (THANKS MOM AND DAD!).

Happy Easter Everyone!


MamabearMills said...

WTF?!??! You mean to tell me that the Easter bunny isn't bringing us the baskets?!?!?!

Lace said...

Aww, sweet. I never found those pre-packaged baskets appealing. Maybe Roo won't either! My Mom always knew exactly what to put in my basket! I thought the pre-packaged ones were tacky & full of junk. Maybe my Mom brain washed me to think that? Haha.

Mama Bub said...

My mom made all of our Halloween costumes when we were little. We would go to the fabric store, pick out a pattern and she would make it. They were incredible. One year, my brother and I begged, with tears, to get our costumes from TARGET. My poor mother.

I guess they'll start to appreciate us 20 years or so from now.

Mommy Cracked said...

You are so much love and thought goes into the ones moms make that it just can't compare! Hard to convince a child of that, though!

Great post!

Yaya said...

How very insightful. You're right.

Happy Easter!