Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ahem, where did my spring go?

Two days ago I was in shorts and a tank top running around barefoot, soaking up the warm rays of the sun.

Today, I'm shivering inside, fully dressed in jeans, long sleeved shirt and socks on my feet. My fingers are cold and my nose is running.

Um, where did my spring go?

Why in the world did the temperatures drop a whopping twenty degrees?


Seriously? I'd thought we were done with this cold business.

I think it must have been because I laughed at my Dad the other day when he said it was in the 30s where he lives.

Karma is such a bitch to me.

So Spring, I beg you. Come back to Florida. Come back with your warmth, your sweltering heat waves and your blistering sun. I need you.

Especially because I'm working on an article how on to stay cool and this is not what I had in mind.

Thank you!


chermonblie said...

I had a similar post about this! :)

Mommy In Pink said...

I totally know what you mean...I was in a tank just last week walking outside enjoying the sunshine, this week, it was snowing and I froze my butt off. What gives?

Kelly Deneen said...

I hope your warmth comes back, but only if you send some up to MN! lol.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!