Wednesday, April 15, 2009

25 Months

Dear Roo,

I don't really know what to say about this past month. It really was a doozy of a month for us. So much happened for us. You were sick for three of the four weeks, you discovered play-doh and you lost two beloved family members.

During these times, you've been a rock for your dear ole' Mama. You've helped me cope in more ways then you could understand. Your smiles and giggles have brightened even the gloomiest days. You've made everything better by taking my hand and looking for ladybugs in the garden. You've helped by dragging me to the riding ring every day just so we can tuck our toes into the warm sand and build sandcastles (which you delight in stomping in once I've finished).

You've even tolerated me when I attempted to teach you potty training and how to spell your name. I know you really wanted to roll your eyes at me and tell me that you're a genius and don't need to learn this mundane stuff, but you allowed me to pretend I'm smarter than you, even if it was only for a second.

I'm hoping this next month is much better than the last. I'm praying that all the sickness is washed away by the afternoon rains and replaced by bright sunny days that warrant nothing but play dates at the park and swimming lessons in the pool. I'm praying that our first vacation without Daddy goes without hitch (even though I know both of us will desperately miss him). I'm hoping that new memories surface and replace this month's cruelty.

I love you Roo, more than you'll ever know.



Yaya said...

Oh boy, that is a rough month. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

NicEmMOM said...

Thanks for sharing! Here is me raising my glass to you that this next month is better! Take care! Hugs!