Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review: Action Toys Inc.

When I was contacted by Action Toys to review their product, I was immediately excited because Action Toys is a local toy company. Their headquarters is based in Orlando while their factory is in Ocala.

From their website: Action Toys Inc. is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of brand-focused educational toys and activity kits. Our toys can be found at retailers in your neighborhood; attractions, aquariums, craft and hobby stores, gift stores, museums, specialty retail chains, zoos, and online.

Their award winning toys include: Space Voyagers, Curiosity Kits, Play & Store and many more.

I was asked to review one of their Curiosity Kits, the Pottery Wheel. I was more than happy because I have an artist hidden inside of me. The Pottery Wheel is recommended for children eight and older and comes as a complete kit with everything you would need to make your own pottery (clay included!).

We set out on a rainy day to dominate the pottery wheel and it was a super-easy set up with straightforward to read instructions. While a little messy (what pottery wheel isn’t?), it was simple to use and a lot of fun. Clean up was uncomplicated and the end result was a beautiful bowl that can hold all the crayons in my life. You cannot eat out of the pottery clay they provide, but you can buy food friendly pottery clay from your local artists shop.

You can check out all the toys Action Toys offers by visiting their website here.

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