Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby It's Cold!

Baby It's Cold!, originally uploaded by NYTMBlog.

Last night was the coldest night on record in five years.

It was so damn cold that our heater couldn't hang with it and stopped working in the wee hours of the morning. It was so damn cold that ice covered everything this morning. It was so cold that my husband, who loves anything cold, bitched and moaned about how cold it was.

Yeah, that says 14 degrees.

Me, in 14 degree weather.

Karma is still taking revenge on me. Maybe I'm the bitch and not karma?


Ashley @ Frexy Mama said...

Maybe you're just getting the arctic blast that's been hitting us finally? Last week we were down to -4, but with a windchill it was by far colder than that!

chermonblie said...

Wowie... 14 degrees in FLORIDA?!?! That's insane!!

Mama Bub said...

I love the cold, but I love California cold. You know, when it's 45 degrees and we're walking around saying, "It's FREEZING!"

But 14?!

Read Twilight. That will warm you up.

Mommy In Pink said...

For Florida...that is COLD...I used to live there and don't ever remember it being that cold!

Rebecca said...

Brrrrr in Florida! My in laws said that the water from the auto sprinklers froze there!

Rachel said...

yikes. my idea of cold is below 65. just think, your kiddo will be a lot tougher than my cheesy so-cal kiddo. :D

Wendy said...

Florida should never be that cold! I'm just a mere hour away from you and it was about 18 at our house. Thank God our heater kept running. My friend's however did what yours died!! I feel for you, hopefully the warmth of Florida will come back soon :)