Friday, December 5, 2008

Writing is the Life for Me

I'm not bragging, I swear... but my feature in Playground Magazine is on newstands right now!!

If you're local in the Central Florida area, you can find a listing of where to pick up Playground Magazine by clicking here. If you're not local and still want to check out an amazing magazine for hip mommies, go to the home page and download their latest issue.

Check me out on page 20.



quitecontrary1977 said...

Congrats! That is super!!

Cris said...

Hey girl- Welcome to the PLAYGROUND team. Got a kick out of your piece. Heather gave you a great layout, too. Glad you are pleased with how it turned out. Hope to meet you in person at some point.

tamara said...

Congrats, girl!! Great piece... I am green with envy! Hope to see much more in the future.