Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Weaning hasn't been as difficult as I assumed it would be. Sure, there was that one day where my boobs felt like they were going to explode and the horrible sense of failure that streamed through my body when I made the decision... but overall, it's been easy as peasey.

We cut out the nap time feeding this week and while Roo protested that first day and was a tad cranky yesterday, she fell asleep like a pro today. I layed her on the bed, she popped her binky in her mouth and fell asleep... like it's something she'd been doing everyday for the last 20 months.

She cherishes that nighttime feeding now. When I pull the boppy out of its secret hiding place, she starts giggling and dancing around the room. She'll drop whatever she has in her hands (toys, food, a puppy) and charge at me with the biggest smile on her face and hop up and down until I pick her up.

It really is the sweetest thing. :)

I'm not sure when I'll drop that last feeding, maybe when she's 8 (Just kidding!)? I know that one will be the hardest (and most painful?). Maybe after the holidays, or maybe never. Who knows, with me I can drag thing on forever and I'm pretty sure Roo would not have a problem with it.

Today's 10 List is about breastfeeding.

1- When I went to a breastfeeding class while pregnant, I got grossed out and cut class after 15 minutes of boobie pictures.

2- I only expect to nurse for 6 months.

3- I only know one other person that breastfed this long.

4- When my milk came in, I finally knew what it would feel like if I got breast implants.

5- I'm pretty sure I'll need a boob job after this is over.

6- When I started breastfeeding, I was freaked out about other people seeing my boobs.

7- Now, I could care less. I think everyone has seen these puppies now.

8- Roo was a "cluster feeder" from the first day of her life, but I called her "greedy."

9- My doctor insisted I only feed Roo every two hours when she was little, I fed her whenever she wanted.

10-The decision to wean my daughter was one of the hardest decision I've ever made (and the saddest).


Kristy said...

This post was sweet! I've got breast implants and I'm almost positive that after nursing my daughter I'll need new ones...I had a boob job just 2 months before I got pregnant...I definitely wasn't expecting to get pregnant so soon and have my boob blow up to a size I wasn't even sure was possible...I feel like a blow up doll half the time!

DiPaola Momma said...

It IS like one of the harder things to do huh? #4 is 2 now. She went the longest, mostly because I knew she'd be the last and I was very sad about that. We started taking "her" boobie away at 15 months so you haven't gone THAT far. Think about all the kids Roo's age you see toting arround a bottle. For some reason THAT doesn't seem weird for a 3 year old.. but if they are still nursing.. people think YOU have issues. Hey I love my chicks, saggy and baggy as they are after feeding 4 kids, but when it comes down to it thems workin mams babe! You need to read the SITS open letter I wrote to the boobs (it's in my archives). Ya know you like to be "Not Your Typical Mommy" so don't let anyone else deside when it's time for you to stop that last feeding!!

Mommy Ferrel said...

I still nurse 3-4 times a day at 18 months. So kudos for going as long as you have.