Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis' The Season

I'm so excited for Christmas.

This is Roo's 2nd Christmas and it will be more fun than last year's because I have a feeling she knows what's going on. She could be fooling me (she's done it before!!), but I want to believe she knows what the 411 is. I've caught her eyeing the presents already under the tree and even had to stop her from opening one!

I finished all my shopping today, wrapped everything and they're ready and waiting to be placed under the tree. Tomorrow night after the nugget goes to sleep, Mr. Me and I get to put together Roo's new FOUR WHEELER... Yes, her Grammy bought her a four wheeler. I'm excited about that just because it's the first gift we've had to "put together" for her. I'm picturing us together, cozy by the tree. Maybe we'll have a Christmas movie playing in the background, hot cocoa and some screws.


Also starting tomorrow I go into Christmas mode. I've got a whole day of baking cookies with Roo, movies, and fun planned.

Sadly, my day does not involve blogging. It doesn't even involve checking my email and possibly not turning on the computer all day. I'll be this way for the next few days, enjoying my holiday with my family. Please understand.

I'll be back after Christmas with recaps, smart ass comments and tons of pictures.

Everyone, please, have a very Merry Christmas.


Yaya said...

Merry Christmas!

Rebecca Jo said...

Enjoy your day with the little ones - the baking, the movies - the assembly of fun toys... all of it!

Merry Christmas!!!

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Happy Holidays!