Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crayon Monster

Roo is a beautiful little child. Stunningly gorgeous, I swear by it. But even a perfectly featured child can behave less than angelic. Trust me on this, especially if you're pregnant for the first time and daydream about a perfect child.

My beautiful little baby is a little monster when it comes to crayons. Now, I am not a neat freak, not by any means. I've been known to leave a sippy cup of milk on the floorboard of my truck for days. But when it comes to crayons all over the floor, I go bananas.

One of my pet peeves is broken crayons.

I like my crayons in one piece with a perfectly pointed tip.

Roo could care less. She spies that yellow and green box and it's her mission to drop every single color out on the floor. After she's done with that something else will distract her and she'll abandon the crayons and in her earnest to get to her new object of desire, she'll stomp all over said crayons.

Just picture me chasing a 21 month old whirlwind of beauty who delights in making a mess.

I swear, she sees me trailing in her wake, feverishly picking up crayon debris and suddenly it's a game. Now she wants to play with the crayon bits and will circle back to dump more crayons on the floor.

The faster I pick them up, the faster she dumps them out.

I've tried to ignore tiny crayon fragments that she's stomped into smithereens. I've tried to turn the other cheek when she giggles delightfully before dropping each and every crayon all over the floor.

After playing this game one too many times, I've resigned myself to a lifetime of chasing the crayon destroyer. If I want perfect one piece crayons with a perfect point, then I'll need to buy my own box and hide it out of the crayon monsters greedy little hands.


Erika said...

I saw you on iVillage! KICK ASS!

humpsNbump said...

I am tired just reading your post! That could be a very bad sign for a chick expecting her first. Note to self, no crayons.