Monday, December 29, 2008

Romance After Kids?

Any parent knows that having a child can make your sex life go from 60mph to 0mph.

And I mean squealing tires, hazards flashing, grinding to a halt.

I mean, come on, you're dealing with a serious lack of sleep, constant spit up, smelly dirty diapers and a hormonal range of crying tears of joy to tears of frustration.

Even if you are in the mood, one peep from your child will send your libido falling faster than me tripping over my own feet.

The question is: How do you get it back?

It being your mojo, your groove, your sexy?

Is it a sexy pole-dancing class? Is it trashy lingerie? What about a vacation sans children to a romantic place?

What options does a Mom have to bring the romance back into a relationship?

Will your relationship ever be as it was pre-baby?

I'm doing research for an article, so I want you to tell me: How did you get your sexy back? Do you and your husband have date nights? Maybe you dress up in saucy little outfits? Spill!

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RookieMom Whitney said...

My friend was told by our (shared) obstetrician that you have to Just Do It. You don't have to want to, but you have to be in the habit. Someone else said if you do it 3 times per week for 3 weeks, you'll get back in the groove. Surely no one's partner will object to that assignment, right?

Teti Family said...

I have 3 young children and they don't have regular sleep patterns. So a couple times a week we put them up in bed and just try to stay up late and watch a movie with wine or follow a series on DVR. It really helped us. We don't have anyone to babysit and I'm afraid of hired sitters so we struggle as well.