Monday, December 1, 2008

Part Two

Today's 10 things about me list is about two of my favorite things: books and music.

Without further ado...

1- I read Gone With the Wind in the 6th grade and cried for the last 150 pages of it.

2- I listen to all types of music, but my favorites are: the Beatles, Kenny Chesney, Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones and the Dave Matthews Band.

3- Mr. Me and I waited 8+ hours at a festival to see the Charlie Daniels Band and left after he played two songs.

4- Gone With the Wind is the reason I started writing.

5- I can sing every theme song for Nick Jr.

6- As bold as I am, I will never, ever karaoke.

7- I love tragic historical fiction, chick lit, romance novels, biographies and the classics. But, I am not a fan of murder mysteries or sci-fi.

8- Clint Black flirted with me once at a concert.

9- The best concert I've ever been to was a Dave Matthews Band concert, where my brother got drunk.

10-I can easily read a 500+ book in one sitting.


Kristy said...

LOL! We are so much alike it's scary except for the fact that I am seriously a karaoke nut! I'm the one that jumps on stage and sings every shania song I can get my hands on!

Jennifer said...

So why did you leave after just 2 songs??

DiPaola Momma said...

Stopping by from SITS and LOVE LOVE LOVE YA! I'm all about being not "typical"... well atleast on the cool, hip inside I am:-) I'm gonna follow your blog.