Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Call Me The Ring Master

Parents Bloggers Network is joining forces with Big Tent for this weeks blog blast and they're asking "How Are You Going To Get Your Circus Together for 2009?"

Every year I think of New Years Resolution to change my life. I could commit to losing that baby weight (yes, I still have baby weight 21 months later), I could find a job that pays, I could swear off soda (again), I could build a bird house or paint a mural! I could do anything, as long as I put my mind to it... but when I think about what I'm going to do to get my circus in shape for 2009, I think about my husband and my daughter.

I think about what I can do to make life easier for them.

I could plan more play dates for Roo and I could send out more photo query letters for my husband. I could promise to keep the house clean and have a hot cooked meal on the table for Mr. Me. I could promise to keep up with the laundry so Roo always have cute outfits to wear (that don't have stains on them).

There's so much I can (and will) do to make my family's life easier. The one resolution that I know for a fact I will stick to is to love them unconditionally all year long.

I know for a fact that when Roo spills crayons all over the floor or my husband tromps in mud all over the floor, I will not bitch and moan about it, I will hug them tightly and thank the heavens that I have them in my life.

So forget diets and exercise, I'm all about the love for 2009.

Bring it on, baby.


Erika said...

Hear, Hear for Love!

Rebecca said...


Jenn said...

Nice! Your daughter won't remember how clean the floor was, just that she rolled around with you on it having the time of her life!

I'm all for the love!

Daisy said...

I love your philosophy!

~ said...

Heck Yeah!!

Your blog made me want to stand up and shout AMEN!! There really can be no better resolution for the New Year. If everyone would love just a little bit more and a little bit easier think of where we could be.