Sunday, December 28, 2008

Early Spring Cleaning

This whole weekend has been spent "spring" cleaning. Yesterday we started with our storage trailer and today it ended with my closet.

My biggest problem is that I'm a pack rat. I keep everything. I found toilet paper I took from a hotel over 10 years ago. I have postcards I bought when I was a kid and never sent. I have stacks and stacks of photographs. You name it, I probably have it hidden somewhere in this house or that storage trailer.

My goal is to get the whole storage trailer cleaned out and everything organized in the back storage shed. The ultimate goal, for me (not my husband) is to get the storage trailer emptied and start to gut the whole thing. It's a travel trailer and if we got it all in line, we could travel with it.

But with the pack rat thing, I'm doing so much better. I have thrown away tons of stuff. I have bags of stuff to take to the consignment shop or local goodwill. I am hoping to keep this trend up. Seriously, why do I need to keep a lollipop from a friends wedding? What about bubbles from my own wedding?

Yeah, exactly.

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Rebecca Jo said...

I'm the same way... when I get in the mood though - I can clean out some stuff... but then I save up more... I gotta do some "spring cleaning" myself!!!