Thursday, December 11, 2008


For months my local news has plastered the new hours with every detail of the Caylee Anthony case. For months, I've watched as everyone in the nation has. I've had mixed emotions about the whole thing but today when I came home from having lunch with my family, I walked in to find that they found a body...

Possibly that of Caylee Anthony.

And I got chills.

Even if it's not Caylee Anthony, it's still a child.

Some asshole took a child's life and wrapped it in a trash bag. They tossed that poor child in the woods and forgot about it.

How could someone do this?

How could someone take a child's life and treat it with such disrespect.

It's horrible and it's making me hug my child constantly and thank god that I have her.


DiPaola Momma said...

I HEAR YA! I just grabbed my babies and held them tight. I don't understand how such evil lives in a world that gives me so much to be greatful for.

I'd love to bring back public STONING for assholes that hurt, mame and kill children.

Teti Family said...

It sounds like the babies mom didn't report her missing for weeks! I would make it my 24/7 job to find my baby, no time wasted, you know.
My mom and I have this argument frequently...Any sick freak who is demented enough to kill, rape, abuse a child in anyway should be taken out of society. There is no coming back from that. No amount of rehabilitation is making you normal if you hurt defenseless babies.

Rebecca said...

I cried this morning when I heard. I am so happy they finally, possibly, found her. Unfortunately not alive.
They had better seek the death penalty. If someone who murders an innocent, sweet child doesn't get it, who does?
I hope justice is served.

Katie Says So said...

This story makes me so sad. I just dont understand how a mother could do that to her child!!!

Shannon said...

Hey there.
Came across your blog from the Bloggin Moms group on Cafemom I think..
Yes I hav watched this nearly every night on Nancy Grace.
I say that the area was so close to the tots moms home that it probably is Caylee..and if so....who would want to hurt a child? any child for that fact.
I'm the mom to a preemie who fought and we did too for his life, I can't stand those that kill inncocent babies or children.
Hope you will visit my blogs.
Take Care